Selling a house our way

Bill & Janet are different. They understand the market. They push the envelope. And they get results.
Any house will sell if it’s priced low enough. But how do you know how much someone will pay? That takes expert marketing and an expert marketing plan. It doesn’t just happen.

A yard sign is not enough, and the MLS is not enough.
With a yard sign, you depend on people driving through the neighborhood to discover your home. With the MLS you depend on Realtors discovering your home. This is what most Realtors will do for you, and these marketing tools work…to a degree.   But we know that in order to find the highest price a buyer is willing to pay, a house needs much greater exposure. That is our goal.   As former owners of our own advertising agency, we understand the importance of identifying markets and implementing progressive marketing techniques.   Creating widespread exposure that captures every real buyer is the key to our marketing. And it works. 41% of the homes we list sell within 30 days.

Constant communication is a must.
We know that every day on the market feels like a week to a seller. That is why constant communication concerning current market conditions, showing feedback, new competitive listings, and a myriad of other details, is important to provide to a seller. Yet, we encourage our sellers to make the final decision concerning price. We’re always happy to make our recommendations, but keep the seller informed so they are equipped to make the best decisions.

Good negotiating skills are a treasure.
It’s so easy in the heat of a negotiation to let emotions dictate decisions. This never works out for the best. It takes more than experience to make a good negotiator. Bill & Janet understand people and their motivations, and never lose sight of the goal. Good negotiating is a unique talent, and a skill that Bill & Janet bring to their transactions.

We have plenty of signs available. If you’re planning on moving, and would like to see what we will do to sell your home, we’d like to talk to you. So call us today.