Remodel? Update? Move?

If you suddenly find yourself yearning for that “new home” look, after living happily with your harvest gold and avocado green, Bill & Janet can guide you in making the best decision.

What you don’t want to do is spend 6 months in havoc, $60,000 in expense, and end up with a house that looks great but is still too small. Or a house that is suddenly too big for the neighborhood. Or a house that is now out of scale. Bill & Janet have guidelines that may help you make a good decision rather than a bad mistake.

Start by asking yourself some questions.
Remodeling or extensive updating can be disruptive. Often it includes changing or moving walls to create new space, or adding on to create more rooms. Prepare yourself by answering these questions:

  1. Will your plan give you the house and space that will make you happy?
  2. Will your rooms remain in proper scale? In other words, is your kitchen large enough to support the addition of several more bedrooms or another living area?
  3. Will you look out of place in the neighborhood, or be the largest house?
  4. Are you comfortable with making design choices and overseeing contractors?
  5. Will you mind (terribly) the disruption in your life while the remodel takes place?

 If you’re okay with your answers, then go for it. It can be an exciting event. If you’re starting to feel uncomfortable, take 2 aspirin and call Bill & Janet right away.

Try to update over time…it’s worth it in the end.
It’s easy, as time goes by, to become accustomed to your home and its finishes. You don’t even realize your decorating may be out of date until a neighbor has you in for dinner. Maintaining and caring for your home will always be the most important factor for resale. But when the time comes to sell, the homes that have been updated over time will always sell faster. Today’s buyers want it all done for them. And they pay for it.

Looking for guidance? If you’re facing the decision on whether to remodel, add on or move, we’re happy to help. There are instances when each is the best answer to meet a particular customer’s needs. So call us today!