Why you see so many of our signs around

So what is it about Bill & Janet that makes us the choice of so many people?
It’s a great compliment to us when someone mentions they’ve noticed a lot of our signs, or actuallyrecognizes us from one of our signs. It’s a clear indicator that we’re doing something right, and it certainly lends credibility to us as successful Realtors. And this is why.

We know what we’re doing. And we work really hard.
It really isn’t all that difficult to get a Real Estate License these days. For that very reason, it is getting more difficult to find a competent Realtor. Experience does count. And yes, Realtors can mess up deals. There is a lot to keep up with, a lot to monitor, and a lot to watch over. We do it every time. Just ask any one of our customers.

Our innovative customer service & marketing stands out.
Good houses sell quickly, so we make sure our buyers are the first to see all new listings. And our “Home Buyer’s Rating Guide” has become a highly sought, dependable tool for buyers who actually have choices. As for sellers, our innovative marketing program, professional materials, constant communication, and dedication to our job means we don’t let anyone down. We never give up on a home.

The highest compliment we are given is a referral.
We recognize the degree of trust and faith it takes for someone to promote us to their friends and neighbors. It is the reward for which we strive. And it is the key to our success.

With Bill & Janet you get two for the price of one. We’re waiting for your call if you’d like to discuss our home buying and home selling services. So call us today.