Buyers Need More Than A Chauffeur

Bill & Janet provide a myriad of services for their Buyers. Is your Realtor really working?

You don’t sign an agreement with us. We plan to do our job.
Many agents today want their buyers to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement so they are guaranteed their client will use them to represent them in their purchase. The down side for the buyer is that they are stuck with that Realtor, whether or not they like their service. Our buyers sign one with us as well…only they sign it when we write a contract. If we aren’t doing our job and providing the service you expect, you should have the right to find a Realtor that will.

You have to figure, after you have seen all the houses on the market and are waiting for that “perfect” house to come along, that there are other buyers in the same position as you. So when that house does come on the market, you are not the only ones that are going to want it. We have
negotiation tactics that have won contracts for our buyers – tactics unknown by other Realtors. We are creative, positive, and have proven techniques.

Our Home Buyer’s Rating Guide makes it easy to make a choice.
There are instances when buyers have several homes that appear to meet their needs, and the decision on which home to purchase becomes difficult. Our Home Buyer’s Rating Guide has been instrumental, on numerous occasions, in helping our buyers sort through their priorities to ensure they are purchasing the best house for their needs.

Between the two of us, we’ve got you covered. Bill & Janet Hendrix are waiting for your call if you’d like to discuss how we will help you buy a home. So call us today!
Bill+Janet Hendrix