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Confused About Mortgages?

A mortgage is designed to last a long time. Bill & Janet want you to get it right. There’s nothing worse than a financial surprise at the closing table, because what are you going to do then? How much should your closing costs really be? What is a point? How do you know you’re getting the best interest rate? These are all concerns for home buyers looking for a loan. This is an important process, and we’d like to simplify the process for you with just a few pointers. Shop around! You compared homes, now compare loans. The main concerns when selecting a lender is what your interest rate is going to be and what it is going to cost you. ...

Remodel? Update? Move?

If you suddenly find yourself yearning for that “new home” look, after living happily with your harvest gold and avocado green, Bill & Janet can guide you in making the best decision. What you don’t want to do is spend 6 months in havoc, $60,000 in expense, and end up with a house that looks great but is still too small. Or a house that is suddenly too big for the neighborhood. Or a house that is now out of scale. Bill & Janet have guidelines that may help you make a good decision rather than a bad mistake. Start by asking yourself some questions. Remodeling or extensive updating can be disruptive. Often it includes changing or moving ...

Selling a house our way

Any house will sell if it’s priced low enough. But how do you know how much someone will pay? That takes expert marketing and an expert marketing plan. It doesn’t just happen.

Why you see so many of our signs around

It’s a great compliment to us when someone mentions they’ve noticed a lot of our signs, or actuallyrecognizes us from one of our signs. It’s a clear indicator that we’re doing something right, and it certainly lends credibility to us as successful Realtors. And this is why.

Buyers Need More Than A Chauffeur

Bill & Janet provide a myriad of services for their Buyers. Is your Realtor really working?