About Us

aboutusWe have been Realtors for over 20 years, most of which were with RE/MAX where we annually earned top producing awards, including admittance into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. Bill graduated with an Economics degree from the University of Texas, and Janet with an Advertising degree from Drake University. Our background includes owning an advertising agency, and an information systems company for the fashion industry. We have always worked together, and have been on our own in business for over 30 years.

With our sales and marketing experience and skills, Real Estate seemed like a perfect fit. So in 1993 we both obtained our licenses and began our careers in Real Estate. We love our customers, we love the personal and business aspects of helping people buy and sell homes, and we love being good at what we do!

Bill & Janet have both earned Broker licenses, and in 2011 we decided to go off on our own and start our own company, Hendrix & Associates. This was an exciting venture, but came naturally with all our experience. When not working, Janet enjoys singing and competing with the Richtones Chorus, and we both enjoy playing bridge & washers with our friends, sailing on Lake Lewisville, traveling when we can, and spending time with our Grandchildren. It’s a great life!